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STEM Lego Camps & Classes For Kids – e² Young Engineers GTA North Markham

STEM Lego Camps & Classes For Kids - e² Young Engineers GTA NorthWelcome to STEM Lego Camps & Classes For Kids – e² Young Engineers Greater Toronto Area North Markham website!

e² Young Engineers is one of the largest STEM Lego Camps & Robotics enrichment programs in the world and offers an innovative and creative after-school STEM enrichment program designed to help children learn important principles of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as coding, programming, and robotics through a combination of theoretical and practical learning methods that is engaging, effective and fun.

The e² Young Engineers programs follow a unique and specially designed curriculum that use Kid K’nexer® and Lego® building blocks as tools to demonstrate STEM principles by allowing the students to personally build, understand, and observe their learning in action. Learning is made more enjoyable in each e² Young Engineers’ class! Classes are offered to children from ages 4-17. Sign up today!

About Us

Our programs give children the chance to explore aspects of science and engineering outside their normal curriculum-based classroom activities, as we believe that children learn best through activities that engage their curiosity and creativity. Each session provides theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through the use of Kid K’nexer® and Lego® bricks. Our unique method incorporates stories, experiments and demonstrations that are specially designed to deliver a multi-sensory experience. In this way, the learning experience is enhanced and made more memorable.

Teaching Methods

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

At Young Engineers we believe in engaging our students’ education processes while developing their ability to learn. We understand that every child has a different technique for learning and retaining information, yet we have found that making learning fun is the lowest common detonator for successful education. We have meticulously generated hands-on curricula, which combine education and entertainment creating our unique “edutainment” method. Young Engineers has implemented two teaching techniques in creating our edutainment method: The Spiral Learning method and PBL.

Spiral Learning

Our instructors teach the principles and terms of a given lesson on a basic level. We do this through simple demonstrations and stories. The next step of the spiral learning method is introducing these principles in new contexts and in greater depth and detail with each step.

Our Spiral Learning technique can be found in every single Young Engineers lesson, as well as in the curricula of each program, beginning with basic building skills, engineering terms, sophisticated models, software programming and continually working to advance those lessons and skills. Spiral Learning is in our core value system for how we educate.

Each enrichment programs’ curriculum always builds upon the lessons of the before. P3 Based Learning (Problems, Products, and Projects)

Problem Based Leaning: After the construction of a model, our Young Engineers instructors will ask a student to enhance his or her model in order to solve a given problem demonstrated in that lesson.

Product Based Learning: Students build a product that demonstrates the scientific principles taught in that lesson.

Project Based Learning: Through planning and executing of a project from start to finish, students develop their team building and presentation skills. In addition, one will improve his or her organizational and time management abilities.

STEM Lego Camps Brief Introduction Video